"I have been to other camps.  THIS WAS THE BEST EVER.  Again, intimate, challenging, personal, with a great group of other athletes of all abilities and with amazing coaches and hosts.  IT WAS HARD, IT WAS FUN, IT WAS UNFORGETABLE AND IT SHOULD BE MULTIPLE TIMES ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!"

“The BPC triathlon camp was the perfect environment as I trained for my first full Ironman event.  The coaches, training facilities, and accommodations allowed for a focused 3 days of training.  The coaching was spot on my experience level and goals. The terrain was a good mix of hills and flats for cycling and running while the indoor swim facility allowed for stroke analysis.  The accommodations were great with various healthy meal options and venue for group discussions.  

 I entered the camp coming off a bike crash two weeks before. The various run and cycling distances allowed me to modify my training while having full on the course support from the coaches and staff. I really felt at home and safe during the entire weekend!  I successfully completed my first full Ironman about a month later and would highly recommend this camp to anyone looking train and learn the in’s and out’s of triathlon.” - Wayne Ogorzalek, Collierville, TN  

“Somerset is an amazing home/facility! The lovely family of the Winkler/Sass crew make you feel right at home! the bike course is one of the most challenging yet beautiful in the surrounding areas. The indoor pool and hot tub made a perfect space for hard training and easy recovering after long training days. Somerset is fun, warm, unique, welcoming and friendly. There is some serious hard work happening without the feeling of being to stuffy or intimidating. The food is phenomenal, home grown veggies right from the garden, vegan and vegetarian friendly as well. Truly an awesome experience.”  - Jamie Bailey MS, RD, LDN, CPT (Registered Dietitian; Certified Personal Trainer; Ironman triathlete, Terrapin Race Team Memphis) 

"In my opinion, the most important tool a first time Ironman, racer can carry into their race is CONFIDENCE! The BPC Long Course Tri Camp hosted by Kirsten Sass and The Winkler Performance Center was the most ideal weekend of training I had all year. 3 weeks before Ironman Chattanooga, this was the best thing I did for my training, attitude and confidence. In 2.5 days I stacked more consecutive volume and QUALITY workouts than I had throughout my entire training. Between the lodgings, coaching, on course accommodations and THE FOOD, this was a truly an amazing experience. The Winkler crew provides everything an athlete could need in order to focus on the job at hand and adequate recovery for the next day.  We were able to swim in open water ride and run hilly courses and to top it all off, have a recovery and technique based, swim in the saltwater, indoor pool with multiple lanes and hot tub. Don’t worry the coaches made us pay for these pampering amenities when it came time to work. The house is one of the most beautifully, hand crafted pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen and the family and staff are as welcoming as the rustic, country setting. Anything we needed was at our disposal, especially the FOOD. Jeff “the chef,” laid out a spread that adhered to everyone’s dietary needs and embodied the “farm to table,” concept with delicious vegetables, fresh seafood and farm raised meats. I can’t speak enough to the quality of this camp, the role it played in my success and genuine nature of the people who ran it. I cannot wait to return and this will be my “GO TO,” spot for my most important training weekends in the future. Thanks for everything BPC, Kirsten and The Winkler Performance Center." - Bobby Weakley (Los Locos Racing Team member; avid cyclist and triathlete with multiple awards) 

"I am not fast, so I do a lot of training alone – not wanting to hold up a group.  I am intimidated by group athletic events.  Nevertheless, one of the best things I have ever done as a triathlete (other than hire a couple of coaches) was to attend the BPC Performance training camp at the Winkler Performance Center in McKenzie, Tennessee.  I was goaded into signing up by a fellow triathlete, but to be fair, I had convinced him to do his first IRONMAN, and we were (sort of) training together, or at least sharing training war (IRONMAN meltdown) stories.  The camp was put on by his coaches, Dale Sanford and Bryant Funston of Build Peak Compete Performance in consort with the amazing Kirsten Sass, one of the best triathletes and persons on the planet (and not just because her name is Kirsten).  Jeff (Elvis) Sass acted as facility co-host and cooked all the healthy, delicious and nutritious meals.  The setting was vast yet intimate, the instruction tailored and personal, sound and challenging, reasonable and encouraging.  A few highlights!! Enjoying an informative dinner (these people just ooze information all the time – nutrition – hydration - pacing) in a big homey kitchen (there are so many refrigerators!) and collapsing in a comfy bed to sleep like a rock.  I learned so much and know this is what helped me power through a very hot IMCHOO a month later.   

I have been to other camps.  THIS WAS THE BEST EVER.  Again, intimate, challenging, personal, with a great group of other athletes of all abilities and with amazing coaches and hosts.  IT WAS HARD, IT WAS FUN, IT WAS UNFORGETABLE AND IT SHOULD BE MULTIPLE TIMES ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!" - Kirsten “Kiri” Ness, PT, PhD, FAPTA Member (Persistent Triathlete, Reluctant Swimmer, Cycling Enthusiast, Every Day Runner, Member of Team Sheboss, and 2 time IM finisher) 

"I attended BPC Triathlon Camp last September (2019).  The camp was advertised as being for people planning to do a half or full Ironman distance triathlon. I wasn't sure I was ready for it. I was only doing sprints at the time and I'd only done a half Ironman distance once before, and that was seven years before!  

I contacted them with my concerns, and they assured me that the camp would be good for me too! So, I took the leap and signed up!  

I had done three sprint triathlons in 2009, several in 2012 leading up to a half, and then two sprints and an oly in 2018. In 2019 I was only doing sprints, but I was getting tired of finishing 4th or 5th in my age group all season. Time to step up my training! 

What an amazing three days! I was the only one there with no plans of doing a bigger event, but they never made me feel inferior. Their coaching tips were so good and clear that I felt improvements almost instantly and felt myself getting stronger and more efficient.  

The camp was held at Somerset.  A beautiful, enchanting place!  The house and the cabin are so intriguing and welcoming!  The large indoor pool was a great place to get a good workout, as well as good instructions on ways to improve my stroke. 

The grounds are so peaceful, and I love the koi pond!  

The nearby country roads are great for bike rides and runs. There are rolling hills and at least one that will really challenge your hill climbing skills on the bike! This was also a time I remember getting some really good coaching on pushing through the hills!  

On one of the days we went to Carrol County thousand acre lake for some swim and race training.  

All of this hard training really works up an appetite, but they must know how hungry athletes are! There was no shortage of amazing food to eat!  We sat around a big table like family and listened to stories and more training tips! 

I really hated to leave when it was over, but I was leaving with training tips that would stay with me!  I only had one more triathlon that season, but as I competed, I heard the coaches voices still talking to me. As I swam, I remembered to pull the water harder, and in a more efficient way, with not just my hand, but my forearm too, and to sight the buoys more often.  On the bike I heard them encouraging me to push through on the hills, "push those heels down!" And on the toughest hill....I managed to keep pushing through as I passed people who were walking their bikes up the hill!  

Finally, there was the run! Again, their instructions were still heard in my mind! For the first time ever I started enjoying running - I started feeling like "a runner" all the way to the finish line!  

Another sprint triathlon race in the books, but this time I made it to the podium! At 59 years old I won first place in the womens' 55 to 59 age group! Do I think the camp helped?  Absolutely! What a wonderful way to end the season!  This year I'm ending the season with a half Ironman!  Hopefully things work out and I'll be able to attend the camp again!" 

- Debbie Sutton (Huntsville, AL) 

"The camp was so worth the blood (ok no blood), sweat and tears (ok no tears either) but you get my drift – tons of work and hot.  We were immersed in the tri atmosphere and received one on one coaching from some of Memphis’ finest and ate some of the very best nutrition from Elvis himself.  Where do you get all that in one place?    

From the inspiring donut buoys on the swim course to the well planned, marked and supported bike and run routes my fellow campers and I shared war stories and what we had planned for the 2019 tri season.   

We broke camp and left for our respective races having made fast friends, the adjustments suggested and committed to continue practicing.    

Although my 2019 racing season was cut short by an injury, I feel the tri camp helped to give me a great base and assisted in the progress of recovery/rehab.   

I highly recommend attending the tri camp and plan to attend in 2020 if offered." - Ruth Johnson, BSN, RN, CCRP, Clinical Research Associate at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital